Killer tells woman whose mother he raped and murdered he’s ‘not a monster’ as first two inmates on Arkansas ‘conveyor belt of death’ are given lethal injection

Jack Jones, 52, is seen ‘moving his lips and gulping for air’ as the lethal injection begins to kill him

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ONE of two inmates who received a lethal injection in America’s first double execution in a generation last night apologised for his heinous crime moments before he was executed.

Jack Jones, 52, was sentenced to death for a 1995 attack where he strangled mum Mary Phillips with a coffee pot cord in front of the cowering child, Lacy who he also brutally assaulted.

Splash News 6 Jack Jones was strapped down while he had a lethal amount of the drug Midazolam injected into him …he gasped for air afterwards according to reports

Facebook 6 Mary Phillips (pictured) was brutally murdered while her then 11-year-old daughter, Lacy was badly assaulted

Jones, 52, was convicted of killing bookkeeper Mary Phillips in 1995 and trying to kill her daughter, Lacy, during a robbery at an accounting office.

Mrs Phillips was found naked from the waist down with a cord from a nearby coffee pot tied around her neck.

Lacy, left for dead, woke up as police photographed her.

She testified that Jones had visited the accounting office twice on the day her mother died and described his tattoos to investigators.

AP:Associated Press 6 Lacy Phillips, left, and her sister, Darla Phillips at a previous court hearing in September

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Last night as the lethal drug began killing Jones, he was seen “moving his lips and gulping for air”.

Before this Jones, who’d argued that his health conditions could lead to a painful death, gave a lengthy last statement.

His final words were: “I’m sorry.”

“I hope over time you can learn who I really am and I am not a monster,” he said in the roughly 2-minute statement.

Hours later, Marcel Williams, 46, was executed for the 1994 rape and killing of 22-year-old Stacy Errickson, whom he kidnapped from a gas station in central Arkansas.

But Williams declined to make a final statement.

AP:Associated Press 6 Murderer Marcel Williams was also executed

GETTY 6 One of the beds in which death row inmates are strapped to while they receive a lethal injection

What did the men have for their last supper? WHEN you know you are about to be executed maybe healthy options are not on the menu. In keeping with a time honoured tradition, both Marcel Williams and Jack Jones were served last mea